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Cutting Edge Prints, Week 22/11
Cutting Edge Prints is a weekly article that features recently sold and brand new selected high quality wall art products that caught our eyes.
Check out the amazing art your fellow deviants have submitted and art lovers have bought in the past week!

:shop17210094: :shop18059984: :shop17877668: :shop19683815:
:shop3122396: :shop5671755: :shop6539903: :shop13450724:
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We hope you enjoyed this week's featur
:iconmidnightexigent:MidnightExigent 30 0
Ezio Carnevale Mask by Angelic-Artisan Ezio Carnevale Mask :iconangelic-artisan:Angelic-Artisan 497 129 Tentacle mask cast by missmonster Tentacle mask cast :iconmissmonster:missmonster 161 0
Anything But Green Greenman Challenge Feature
Every month, we here at LeatherMaskArt like to challenge our group to a themed project.  We are a Group specializing in the art of leather mask-making and invite you to join as well (provided you have leather masks posted in your own gallery)!
Those who don't already have work in their galleries can Devwatch us to keep up with new work, tips and tricks, and other info!
This month, we challenged our members to make a Greenman mask with anything but the color green.  Our members came up with some gorgeous color combinations!

Next month's challenge will be The Elements - Water.  Want to join in on the fun and have your work featured?  Go check out the LeatherMaskArt Group!
:iconangelic-artisan:Angelic-Artisan 8 0
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Ok, my old Livejournal now has the "Sorry, we're closed." sign permanently hung up in the window. With the new policy changes I figured it was better to not hang around further. That said, here's where else to find me:

Twitter: TormentedArtifacts and t_Artifacts
Instagram: TormentedArtifacts
FB Page:…
DeviantArt: tormentedartifacts.deviantart.…
Fetlife: HAHHAH By request only if you can't find me there on your own somehow.
Sigilum Mox- Anti-Surveillance Sigil

This entry in the series is designed NOT to be used as an invisibility or cloaking sigil. In fact, wearing it may make you MORE noticeable rather than less. Instead, this is designed to attract the attention of those watching, confuse and confound their sight, increase feelings of paranoia, fear, and distraction.

Best used by placing prints, cameras, or other objects bearing the sigil in full view of whatever may be watching. Or worn to serve as a distraction while others do work they wish to go unnoticed.

Available on Redbubble at:…
Available on Tormented Artifacts at: (coming soon)

As per usual, use where needed, take all of the doses in the bottle without ending the regimen early, share/inscribe where needed and useful (with appropriate crediting), make sure to take with food, and purchase when deeply desired.

Let’s be clear. Supporting a queer-owned and operated business that’s out to supply awesome leatherworks to all manner of cosplayers, radicals, weirdos, etc, is EXACTLY the kind of thing the new guy in the office would HATE.
You, like me, enjoy seeing this guy mad, yes?

Here’s where to go:

Even better, I’m betting his supporters will hate you sharing this around just about as much.

Get cool stuff. Piss off Trump supporters by helping another family that’d be on his hit list survive. Easy math, right?
The Claw of Solomon
The #Claw of Solomon. First said to be wielded by the secret Queen to rip reality itself asunder so that he might study the creatures that lay Beyond.

Whatever you choose to call it, this one of a kind #gauntlet is now finished and joining the ranks of other unique pieces that we'll be taking to Emerald City Comicon and SakuraCon this year.
So, um.... thanks to the unknown anon who bought me a three-month Core membership? I hate to say it, but I really don't use this place all that much anymore, so I'm not certain that there'll be much done with that. But as the new year comes, I'm going to try to at least get this profile more currently in sync with stuff I'm currently doing. In the meantime, you can always grab me in the places I'm more active on: 

My own site:
Instagram: TormentedArtifacts
Twitter: t_Artifacts


Artist | Professional | Artisan Crafts
United States
Not much is known about Dmitri Arbacauskas, before he came riding in out of the east with only a paintbrush, a leather punch, and a host of mad ideas snaking their way through his head. It's said that he's one of the few people to have attended Cornish College of the arts, and possibly Miskatonic University as well. It's also said that he's been known to howl at the moon, and to hold strange rituals on its dark, demanding sacrifices of rum, tobacco, and entire bottles of paint.

But then, people tend to say a lot of things.

Who am I? An artist. A bit of a geek. A bit crazy, sure, but then, that's all of us these days. I'd rather let my work speak for itself, rather than you try to deduce how my own personal history affects it (generally, it doesn't), but should you feel the need to find out more about me, you can always try my personal Twitter or Tumblr accounts.

Current Residence: Seattle, deviantWEAR sizing preference: Men's Large, Personal Quote: This is mine. There are many others like it, but this one is mine.
All right, so, several things here. 

First off, we're MOVING. Not far or anything, just a touch north of Seattle. Not even a full half-hour's drive. But as with any move, that means we're now hitting a period where running your own art business at the same time can get a bit screwed up, as new orders from are going to be a touch delayed while inventory's stuck in multiple places in boxes. 

At the same time, THE DREADED BIRFDAY SEASON IS UPON US. Ten days until I turn 38. What an odd freaking age to turn. If you feel you absolutely MUST get me something as your imperious leader, you can do so here: (Sadly, Amazon still lacks options for delivering me the blood and skulls of my defeated enemies, or a portal to the depths of R'yleh. Shame that.)
  • Drinking: Coffe. Hot. From a ceramic apparatus.

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